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3M Renaissance Joystick Mouse

3M Renaissance Joystick Mouse

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The 3M Renaissance Joystick Mouse is clinically proven to alleviate repetitive stress injuries in the hand, wrist, or arm associated with the use of traditional mice. Unlike traditional mice which force your hand into an unnatural position and typically presses the wrist and sensitive carpal tunnel area against the desk, this ergonomic mouse by 3M offers a better way to point and click. The 3M Ergonomic Computer Mouse has a unique patented vertical grip design that keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle, while the mouse works as a regular optical mouse.

  • Available in corded or wireless versions
  • 2 sizes available
  • Holds like a joystick - works like a mouse.
  • Uses large muscle groups to minimise loading
  • PS2 - USB connectivity
  • The Anir is not suitable for detailed operations - e.g. CAD design

Two sizes available - Small/Medium & Large.


Measure the width of the hand across the palm.

  • Choose Small for less than 9cm.
  • Choose Large for more than 9cm.


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Helen, Student
Hi Anne, Thank you for today, your approach was brilliant. I was really pleased with the whole experience. Many thanks again!
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