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After discovering how simply sitting in an office and using a computer for a living could be detrimental to our health, Husband & Wife team: Gil & Anne, established their organisation in 1997, as enthusiastic advocates for enhancing the health, comfort and productivity of technology users within offices, hospitals, industry and education.

As Anne explained:

“On leaving school I became an office junior and learned all aspects of administrative work from telephonist /receptionist to management accounts.  During this time computers were shared, which meant that I spent several consecutive days, every month, on intense data entry.  One lunch time my back went into spasm and I was effectively carried home and directed to spend 3 weeks on bed rest - Quite frightening when you are only 24!

At this time little was known about the possibly detrimental effects that poor and static postures can have on the musculoskeletal system as computers were still relatively new, but my GP was able to make a connection and recommended that I should be using a good, supportive office chair. My employer duly provided me with the smartest seat in the company; amazingly it simply looked like a high back operator chair but had the essential ingredients of being height adjustable with lumbar shaping and an ample seat length. As my absence had an impact on the rest of the team and accounting deadlines, my employer was very keen to facilitate my return to work. I have been managing my own back care, ever since”.                 - Anne Ridley

Ergonomics has become the focus of our office environment, as we strive to protect the health of our increasingly sedentary workforce…

Our Story

Welsh Cottage

This was a pre-cursor to the enforcement of the ‘new’ Display Screen Regulations and springboard for a whole new beginning in preventative and comfort products. 

Working from their small Welsh cottage in Aberdare, Directors Gil & Anne Ridley first became recognised as Welsh agents selling optical anti-glare screens to prevent eye strain as part of ‘Data Sound’ Cymru.

Aztec Solutions

It soon became apparent that employers needed help and advice on how to comply with the new European Directive and so, in 1997, they set up their own company – Aztec Solutions (A to Z TECHnology). They rented first one, then two business incubation units in Aberaman, in the Cynon Valley. Essentially providing complete DSE Assessment Services, therefore predominantly offering a consultancy facility.

About Healthy Workstations

“As we had developed knowledge of many innovative products, our clients soon came to rely on us for assistance in sourcing appropriate solutions too… After all, in those days, office equipment and furniture suppliers did not truly understand the ergonomic needs of the ‘new’ regulations”.

Healthy Workstations van

Becoming a limited company in 2002, Healthy Workstations began to grow and the office was relocated to the Swansea Valley and recruited its first employees. Up until this point Gil and Anne completed all roles in the company; Assessing, Training, Report Writing, Sourcing new products and establishing a knowledgeable supply chain but –most importantly of all – the installation of products with the end users.

“Seeing the whole job through from assessing the needs of an individual, to delivering and setting up the equipment we have recommended, was invaluable. Instant feedback in a one-to-one scenario meant that we quickly learned what worked, and what would not.  We were able to put manufacturer’s claims to the test and refine our selections based on true ergonomic data.  This is how Healthy Workstations was founded and it’s the principles by which we still work today”.

Workplace Evolution

Over the years old CRT screens became full colour monitors and where then replaced with lightweight TFT screens. Even small computers are currently being replaced with Notebooks and Tablet technology. This allowed desks and furniture to evolve from large bulky workstations to sleek (often white!) bench style surfaces; which are further enhanced by beautifully designed seating ranges with balanced, dynamic movement mechanisms and an array of adjustment features to promote wellbeing!

Technology, as well as striving for work/life balance and cost saving efficiencies, continues to shape our office environment whether it be sit/stand, hot desking, agile or home working, health and safety in relation to DSE still has an integral role to play. That’s why HWS too has continued to evolve to ensure that we bring you the highest level of support and advice whilst still focusing on personal needs. After all, even the largest corporation is made up of individuals and though some may complete the same tasks, they will not all be the same size, build or stature; nor will they have the same level of health and wellbeing.  In short we are all very unique!

Our Commitment

We promise to be there when you need us for advice and support as well as offering simply superb products and solutions. We have developed a new logo design to reinforce our commitment to providing you with a personal service whatever your size of organization. From a mouse to a complete set up… A single assessment to team training…

Your Comfort, Taken Seriously!

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Tracey, Student
You would not believe the difference everything has made to me even in such a short amount of time... To study yesterday with no back pain and without my legs being numb was amazing!
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