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Black Goldtouch Keyboard

Black Goldtouch Keyboard

From: £135.95 (exc. vat)

The Black Goldtouch is a quick adjustable split mini keyboard which can be positioned both horizontally and vertically to achieve the most personally comfortable position possible.

The biggest problem with traditional keyboards is that the keys are laid out straight and flat, causing users to splay their hands in unnatural positions. This is a major contributing factor to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. In contrast, Goldtouch makes ergonomic split keyboards that pull apart in the middle and are adjustable so that each individual can find the angle that works best for them. What’s more, Goldtouch keyboards tent vertically, allowing typists to find a position that keeps their wrists angled at only the most comfortable angle.

Improved value!

  • Adjustable to suit individual requirements
  • Helps to align and straighten your wrists, arms and shoulders
  • Splits both horizontally and vertically
  • Split and angle can be secured with unique locking lever
  • Full-size tactile keys
  • Matching numeric keypad can be used on either side of the keyboard (purchased separately)

  • Depth: 178 mm
  • Width: 387 mm
  • Height: 35 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg

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