Over the years, a great deal has been written and even more spoken about "ergonomics" in the workplace. But just because a chair is labelled as "ergonomic" doesn't mean your chair will fit. Your office chair is the most vital piece of work place equipment you use. It bears your body weight for anything up to eight hours per day...& beyond! It's hugely important that it fits you and supports your body in all the right places.

Made to Measure

People are not made to standard specifications ...neither are Adapt chairs. The Adapt 500 and Adapt 600 ranges has one principle in mind: Adaptability. With a set of measurements, Ergochair cut the chair to fit the person - They are the only company in the UK to do this.

Whilst a correct posture can minimize instances of back and upper limb problems, personal comfort is crucial. The Adapt  range of seating has, as standard, a memory foam seat which distributes weight more evenly across the legs and makes for an extremely comfortable sitting posture.

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Tracey, Student
You would not believe the difference everything has made to me even in such a short amount of time... To study yesterday with no back pain and without my legs being numb was amazing!
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