Mid-Price Posture Chairs


From: £455.00 (exc. vat)

A completely fresh approach to buying an office chair.  

ZentoFit offers superior menu-driven ergonomics and enhanced comfort at a very affordable price.

Many people are surprised to learn that entry level “out of the box” chairs are only a good fit for 4 out of 10 people, but with that being the case, little wonder why so many office workers suffer back problems. 

A quick and easy version of the unique easiSpec system will help determine your perfect combination of a) chair size and b) which options offer the most benefit.

Just 4 simple measurements establish a chair that suits and fits the user best – easy steps enable you to select the correct sized

  • back rest and seat width,
  • seat depth & height

ZentoFit Redefines the standard 


  • 18 ‘mix & match’ combinations for backrest and seat sizes to choose from,
  • Plus, a range of posture enhancing options to help overcome many common back & posture issues
  • an optional articulated neck rest, offering cushioned support to the user’s neck. 
  • two arm rest options:

Height Adjustable arm which can be folded back out of the way when not required, and a Multi Adjustable (3D) arm that will allow the user to not only adjust the height of the arm but also the position of the arm pad (fore & aft + closer to or further away from the body).

Click for EasiSpec form

ZentoFit Features (as standard): 

  • VE Memory foam seat 
  • Seat slide depth adjustment 
  • Inflatable lumbar air cell 
  • Heavy Duty Asyncro mechanism
  • 150kg weight limit 
  • 5 year warranty 

Optional extras:

  • 3D Height / Width / Retractable Arms or Folding Height Adjustable
  • Articulated Neck Rest

Optional ergonomic posture enhancements:

  • Sacral Support air cell (below lumbar)
  • ErgoCore™ Seat air cell
  • Coccyx Cut Out

Optional design enhancements:

  • Polished Alloy Base
  • Upholstered outer back

User weight capacity: 35kg - 150kg 
User height range: 1.2m - 2.1m 

Back Height A 
420mm - 500mm 

Back Height B 
520mm - 600mm 

Back Height C 
570mm - 650mm 

Seat 1 Depth × Width 
410mm - 460mm × 460mm 

Seat 2 Depth × Width  
480mm - 530mm × 500mm 

Seat 3 Depth × Width  
490mm - 540mm × 520mm 

Seat Height 
Standard: 450mm - 560mm
High: 500mm - 630mm 

Optional extras: Please add optional extras below:

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End User
Both the lady who came to assess me and the gentleman who delivered the chair were really nice and professional and knew their stuff! Thank you all very much for your help and keep up the good work!
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