Zenki Sit-Stand - Yellow

Zenki Sit Stand

From: £749.00 (exc. vat)

Combines the ergonomics of the Zenki office chair along with the versatility of Zenki Perch

Zenki sit-tand is designed to help users achieve stress free working postures. The action of this chair is gravity driven and provides the user with a unique self regulated sitting experience. Depending on the adjusted seat height, the chair will identify with the users centre of gravity to maintain good ergonomic support, from a conventional low sitting position (upright or reclined), through to a perching posture. When used in a conventional sitting mode the chair moves smoothly and effortlessly on the 65mm castors, however when adjusted to a perching height the specially designed gas column acts as a brake, locking the chair down and ensuring safety with stability.

In addition to the usual seat height and seat slide controls, the Zenki sit-stand chair features simple and intuitive on/off controls to operate the seat and back movement, which move in a unique fashion - both together and independently of each other.

British Company - Made in BritainHSE: Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Compliant

  • Optional 4D Arms (extra)
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Automatic brake engages when seat raises above 650mm
  • Seat slide (depth adjustment)
  • Seat pivot / free float
  • Body weight tensioner
  • Adjustable back angle
  • Adjustable back height
  • Coccyx zone
  • Lumbar support
  • Valencia vinyl seat and back covering

  • Seat depth: 450 - 510 mm
  • Seat width: 490 mm
  • Back height: 510 - 580 mm
  • Back width: 470 mm
  • Seat height: 560 - 780mm
  • Width between optional 4D arms: 380 – 580mm

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Ceri, Research Assistant
The equipment was delivered and I was showed how to adjust and use the items appropriately. It has helped me so much already - I am so much more comfortable! Many thanks for your very through assessment and recommendations. I am so very pleased with the outcomes!
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