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Shadow Laptop Stand

Code: AZLT49
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The thinnest laptop stand in the world

Shadow is one of Ergonomic Cafe's latest innovations for 15" laptops, which boasts to be the thinnest laptop stand in the world at just 1.2mm thick! (or should that be thin?) Being thin, makes it super-leightweight, which is ideal for today's agile worker but still strong, and certainly stable.

Shadow has won the Fira Ergonomic Excellence Award for 2016! It  attaches to your laptop, so you will never leave your laptop stand behind, helping you to raise the screen of your laptop to avoid unnecessary neck strain while working remotely. Simply pair with a lightweight wireless keyboard and you can achieve the optimum workstation set up wherever you go.

Shadow is secured to your laptop using a simple Velcro system (supplied). You can transfer Shadow to another laptop stand at any time by requesting additional Velcro packs (supplied separately). Plus the type of Velcro supplied leaves little or no adhesive residue when removed.


 5 year Ergonomic cafe Warranty: Ergonomic DSE equipment can be a sizeable investment. Your new equipment needs to work properly for as long as possible. The warranty it comes with, is an important consideration - and a good measure of how much confidence the manufacturer has in its products. Because of the lengths the Ergonomic Cafe go to in development and testing, they have total confidence in every one of their products. That's why they provide one of, if not the longest warranties in the industry.   FIRA Award in Ergonomic Excellence

  • This laptop riser is strong and stable but it's the worlds thinnest!
  • Fits almost any make and model of 15" - 15.6" laptop
  • Just 1.2mm thick! (or should that be thin?)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Folds completely flat for easy transportation
  • Can be easily removed to gain access to the laptop base
  • Innovative design ensures all ports and sockets around the laptop are accessible

  • 3 angle settings: 21°, 33° and 45°
  • Weight: 130 grams

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Ceri, Research Assistant
The equipment was delivered and I was showed how to adjust and use the items appropriately. It has helped me so much already - I am so much more comfortable! Many thanks for your very through assessment and recommendations. I am so very pleased with the outcomes!
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