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Contour Balance Keyboard

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A full keyboard (including number pad) in a compact size

Comfort is Key.

Reaching between your keyboard and mouse can cause shoulder discomfort. You can limit your risks of aches and pains with the New Balance Keyboard by Contour. The Balance Keyboard puts your hands closer to the action within easy reach of your mouse and keyboard keys. The adjustable legs and tilt options on this low profile compact keyboard also allow for easy adjustability into negative, neutral, and positive typing angles.

Better functions.

The media keys are extremely useful to perform your everyday tasks at the touch of a finger. They can easily be programmed to suit your specific needs.

Power and Freedom.

It’s time to cut the cord. Balance Keyboard is wireless and runs on 2 AAA batteries. It connects to your PC or Mac using its own USB wireless receiver, which is securely stored in the battery housing when not in use. Balance Keyboard does not need an on/off switch, thanks to its smart, power-saving technology.

Better together.

Contour's Balance Keyboard was designed with the Rollermice in mind, fitting the Red, Pro and Free models perfectly. By using the Balance Keyboard with a RollerMouse, it will bring you and your workstation closer together.

  • 12 programmable media buttons
  • Low-profile keys
  • Wireless
  • Adjustable legs
  • Reduced bottom edge to reach minimize to Rollerbar
  • 12 months battery life with level indicator light
  • Weight: 1.7 kg

  • Length: 39.2cm
  • Depth: 11.9cm
  • Height: 2.05cm

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