Saddle Stools
Back App 2.0 upholstered in Nordic Wool

Back App 2.0

From: £533.00 (exc. vat)

The Back App 2.0 offers an open angle hip position and a gentle balancing motion which strengthens the important core muscles that support your spine. This sit-stand stool ultimately ensures a natural sitting posture leading to less fatigue while keeping you comfortable, alert and productive at your desk.

A saddle stool is ideal for height-adjustable desks as you tend to sit at a higher level than on a conventional seat.

5 year warranty

  • Adjust the level of exercise and balance training by twisting the balance ball
  • The ball is moulded onto a tube that can be screwed into and out of the aluminum frame to control the tilt of the chair
  • A tilt indicator with green and red color is integrated with this tube
  • A stop function prevents the ball from being removed
  • Soft damping padded material base
  • Damping material is attached with double sided tape that improves adhesion with use
  • Single gas lift height
  • Back seat ridge
  • The seat is slightly smaller and neater than the 1st BackApp and has a rounder shape with a central slot to reduce pressure in the prostate area
  • Easy to switch between sitting and standing
  • Footrest
  • The new frame is made from 99.9% recycled die-cast aluminum
  • Weight rating: up to 110kg/17 stone

  • Seat width (including ridge): 472 mm
  • Seat depth (including ridge): 381 mm
  • Seat depth (from ridge to font of seat): 300 mm
  • Seat height (from base): 543 - 769 mm
  • Gas height adjustment: 39 -64 mm
  • Base: 600 mm

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Tracey, Student
You would not believe the difference everything has made to me even in such a short amount of time... To study yesterday with no back pain and without my legs being numb was amazing!
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