Aeris Stools

 It began in 1997 when they presented the innovative three-dimensional seat - the "swopper".

Life in Motion. That is the aeris philosophy.

Genetically speaking the human being is at the same stage as about 150,000 years ago. Our bodies are made for running, climbing, bending, stretching and jumping - not for hours of rigid sitting. However, 85% of the total waking time of our everyday life is dominated by sitting. At breakfast, in the car, at the desk, at the workplace and even at home during our spare time. This lack of movement is detrimental to the health and often cannot be compensated by leisure sport - the modern human being suffers from backache, overweight and cardiovascular diseases. Aeris have set themselves the goal of bringing more fitness, health and well-being in everyday situations.

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End User
Both the lady who came to assess me and the gentleman who delivered the chair were really nice and professional and knew their stuff! Thank you all very much for your help and keep up the good work!
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