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The Axia seating range was originally pioneered by the Bio Mechanical Advisory company (BMA) who, for over 30 years, conducted and supported research into the fields of biomechanics and ergonomics pioneering the use of the pelvic posture principal. The combination of their medical and technical knowledge forms the basis for the Axia range of ergonomic chairs.

So what’s so different ? The chairs articulate in the same place as you, so the support compliments the body to give correct pelvic posture. Correct back and arm support is essential in order to avoid static forces being exerted during seated work. The patented movement mechanism in the chair supports and relaxes the back, neck, and arms in any posture, while ensuring the feet always remain in contact with the floor. One of the unique features of all these chairs is the dual handed controls, operated just as easily by right or left handed users.

 The Axia Focus 24/7 combines elegance with robustness, and thanks to the extremely solid construction, it is ideally suited for 24/7 workstations. This chair meets all ergonomic and strength requirements and offers a high degree of comfort.

Axia Focus
Axia Focus This Axia Focus 24/7 office chair offers a high backrest with multiple arm options available. The elegance and robustness of this extremely solid construction, is ideally suited for 24/7 workstations when the task will consist of both observatio... More
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