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wireless left handed handshoe mouse

Handshoe - Wireless

Code: AZM58-LEFT-C
From: £117.00 (exc. vat)

The wireless patented HandShoe is an ergonomic mouse designed to prevent excessive gripping and pinching as well as unnecessary stretching of the fingers.

Wireless Model

  • Available for left and right handed users
  • Three sizes available to suit
  • Allows the hand to rest in a natural relaxed position.
  • Supports hand, wrist and thumb.
  • Includes a protective pouch.


Using a ruler measure from the tip of the ring finger to the first wrist crease with your hand held flat, as shown in the image below and compare the result to determine the recommended size.

Imperial Metric Size Required
Up to 6.1" Up to 15.5 cm Xtra Small

6.1 - 6.9"

15.5 -17.5 cm Small
6.9" to 7-7" 17.5- 19.5 cm Medium
7-7" to 8.5" 19.5-21 cm Large


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