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Foldi Daylight LED Desk Lamps
Foldi Daylight LED Desk Lamps The portable LED Foldi™ Lamp offers you comfortable, full-spectrum natural daylight, which is kind to your eyes, reducing glare which helps reduce eye strain, headaches and red-eye. The daylight™ light from this lamp significantly increases contrast ... More
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Multi-adjustable LED Desk Lamp
Multi-adjustable LED Desk Lamp This superb new LED desk lamp is well-made, bright and fully adjustable. The two LED colours combine to provide a cool white light for working, then progressively warmer light for reading, relaxing and nightime. Making it the perfect w... More
From £107.00
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Rexel ActiVita Strip Daylight Lamp
Rexel ActiVita Strip Daylight Lamp The Rexel Activita Daylight Strip Lamp features a 'daylight blue' LED bulb to simulate daylight, boosting energy levels and alertness. This lamp also features 6 brightness settings and a fully adjustable head, the bulb has a life of up t... More
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Thomas, Nursing Student
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how thrilled I am with my ergonomic equipment. Please pass on my thanks to Jeremy for his fantastic service and getting everything just right. I can successfully say, I have a wonderful environment to complete my nursing studies. It has made a huge difference. Thank you.
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