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Teachers and teaching assistants working with young children face a big problem when it come to classroom furniture - it's designed for little people. As a result, they often find themselves sitting on chairs too small for them, which fail to provide comfort and support or sitting on a hard floor slouching as they help children with their work. This quickly leads to aches, pain and musculoskeletal injuries. The solution? Ergonomic chairs specifically designed for educational environments.
Jolly Back Chair
Jolly Back Chair The Jolly Back Chair; aimed at professional childcare and educational settings, offers a solution for those who work with, interact and teach young children at low working heights. This innovative low seating chair has been developed to prevent... More
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Catherine, In Work Support Advisor
You continue to bring the highest level of support and advice whilst still focusing on personal needs, upholding your commitment to be there for your customers when they need your for advice and supporting them as well as offering simply superb products and solutions.  You really do take comfort seriously.
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