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Jumper Saddle Stool - High

From: £325.95 (exc. vat)

The Jumper Saddle Stool is an anatomically shaped stool that encourages a healthy back posture. It maintains the user’s natural spine S shape. Fitted with backrest for effective lumbar support.

Ideally suited for those with a sit-stand working pattern and need to work extremely close to a patient, for example - such as in the dental professions, sonographers, opticians, pharmacists, hair stylists etc. 

  • Height adjustable
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Castors
  • Black leatherette finish
  • Seat height range - 64-89cm

  • Designed to mimic the upright standing position whilst sitting down
  • Saddle seat shape holds your pelvis in this upright
  • Promotes a neutral position, allowing better alignment of the spine
  • Designed for environments where there is little or no leg room.

  • Seat height range - 64-89cm
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Helen, Student
Hi Anne, Thank you for today, your approach was brilliant. I was really pleased with the whole experience. Many thanks again!
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