BodyBilt chairs offer Big and Tall chairs for users up to 36st / 227kg and Bariatric seating for users to 42st / 273kg. The adjustability of these chairs and their its unique contoured seat allow and encourage the benefits of the open leg / thigh posture by giving proper support in a forward tilt. When properly adjusted, the BodyBilt chair provides exceptional back support in almost any seated posture allowing the user to choose the posture that best suits his / her individual physique, task and medical challenges.

Inspired by NASA

The American BodyBilt range is based on the concept of natural (zero gravity) posture that was revealed by NASA studies of stress-free, optimum body alignment in a weightless environment. When in natural posture the body's muscles, ligaments and tendons are most relaxed, the vertebrae are properly spaced and better aligned to reduce pressure on discs, breathing is improved and blood circulation is less restricted.

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Helen, Student
Hi Anne, Thank you for today, your approach was brilliant. I was really pleased with the whole experience. Many thanks again!
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