60 Deep Desks

Our 600 deep desks are the optimum depth for those with limited space and more modern space-saving equipment.
60x100cm Freestanding Return Desk
60x100cm Freestanding Return Desk This return desk is complete with a freestanding metal frame for the utimate office plan freedom. Tweet *Please Note: Desks are special order items, please contact us for a co... More
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DSE Needs Assessor
Thank you very much for providing the student with such a beneficial assessment and for sending over the report and quotations. Our client has also provided me with further feedback to say the assessment was a very positive experience for her which is lovely to hear. It is also clear that you have provided the most suitable equipment for her which is excellent as during my assessment she was unsure she would ever find a chair comfortable enough to sit in for any length of time. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you and Healthy Workstations in the future!
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