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Keep a look out - Important changes are coming! 

We are always taking on board your thoughts to improve our service and so If you haven't already noticed some of the more subtle adaptions to our website such as a better site search, we're certain the more radical visual changes and important functionality rolling out on our website over the coming months will enhance your digital experience... So if you think you've landed on the wrong site - think again! More details to follow soon.

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Standing at Work

What you need to know about Standing

While we’re always supportive of organisations being less reactive and more proactive, we have been highlighting some important considerations with regard to organisations switching to standing working environments. Undoubtedly these are good intentions, inspired by concern over the apparent rise in preventative, all-too-common ailments and complaints...<read more>

Noise Pollution is killing productivity

As organisations shift to open plan spaces and hot-desking environments, excess background noise is becoming a problem for many office workers, often acting as an unwelcome distraction affecting important meetings and telephone conversations.


For those who handle a lot of telephone enquiries, we recommend using a headset. Not only does this prevent unnecessary pain from holding the receiver in the crook of the neck but allows the user to listen without the hubbub of the entire office. What's more, our Voice Active range also feature a noise cancelling microphone boom so that people on the other end don't pick up on the surrounding environment. Mono or Binaural? Discover the range >>

For acoustic separation and/or privacy, you might also want to consider setting up 'quiet' zones, separate meeting hubs or even furniture with acoustic hoods. The OrangeBox 'Away from the desk' detached collection is just one of many possibilities available. Why not ask for a site visit to explore your options?

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Acoustic hoods

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Catch up with the latest products

Workplace wellbeing has become a hot topic for many organisations as they recognise the benefits that can result. To meet the demands of trending environments and research based theory leading manufacturers have continued to develop an array of products with some truly inspirational innovations which we would like to share with you. Get a quick low-down of newly-added products to our collection, or consider organising a team training day with one of our Ergonomic Product Workshops


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